Obama’s Visit
29 November 2016

2009 – “A New Beginning”, the name of a speech delivered by Barack Obama, the President of the United States on the 4th of June, 2009, from the Main Reception Hall in Cairo University, Egypt.
Before that day, we had had very firm restrictions to spending the whole day at home, even at work, the whole company was obliged to a mandatory vacation. Cairo became the city of the dead for the sake of the American president who decided to visit the middle east.
In one of the old Islamic areas in Cairo called “El Darb El Ahmar” lies a huge mosque called “Al Soltan Hassan”. It is very popular for its fascinating architecture and historical value.
The mosque was decided to be part of the tour, so the whole area was cleaned and renewed, starting from the mosque, down to the streets and the fountain in front of the mosque.
On a sunny and warm summer day, it was a great chance for the children of the surrounding areas to enjoy the fountain’s cool water.
I have not seen that fountain working before that day. It has been repaired for this important visit, but it may be the only reward for the Egyptian citizens out of this whole tour.